Individual 1 to 1 service:

Our clients receiving individual service work directly with a speech and language pathologist to receive personalized treatment which can include:

  • a detailed initial consultation
  • a thorough diagnostic assessment
  • a personalized treatment plan including written goals based on communication needs
  • 45-60 minute sessions
  • monthly review and adjustment of treatment plan as deemed necessary
  • bi-annual progress reports (at client request)

 Group Therapy:

Group therapy is available to clients who would benefit from working with other clients with common communication difficulties and can be used as a sole treatment option or as a supplement to individual therapy.

  • Small groups of 3-6 individuals who experience similar communication needs
  • teach social communication techniques
  • provide opportunities to practice techniques within small, trusted peer groups
  • create opportunities for natural social interactions amongst peers
  • build confidence 
  • create opportunities to build friendships with peers

3 Locations: Scott Road (Surrey), Clayton Heights (Cloverdale), Steveston (Richmond)